Family Time

Brock Sat, 07/11/2015 - 18:16

When both parents are busy with work or business, there would be cases where in they would lack quality time with their children. While the parents are trying their best to work hard for their kid’s future, sometimes, they forget the importance of being visible to the kids as well.

I started late on having my own family, while my husband is working and usually home late, I do my best to balance things with my kids. It was a decision that we have to agree that one has to stay at home. As the kids gets older, expenses are getting bigger as well, I try to do small business of baking at home since my kids spend more time from going to school and getting home. It’s what I consider a time for myself, be it tidying the house, chatting with friends, baking orders or sometimes just so lazy that I play games on the computer or iPad.

During weekends, I see to it that we have an activity as much as possible like going to my mom’s place or watching movies at a theater. Every Saturday night we all stay at our room and watch late night shows while sometimes my husband would just build castles and whatnot with our sons in Minecraft since it is quite educational.

Family should always spend time together as much as they can, especially when your children are still young. Their values and discipline would come from the parents as they see it while growing up. By the time that your kids become adults, parents wouldn’t have much control over them and just wish that they would be responsible as you have taught them to be, otherwise, their lives might lead to a different path where in their precious life could be wasted.


Try Minecraft for Free in 5 Minutes

Brock Wed, 05/13/2015 - 18:08

With the great craze about video games these days, the exciting sandbox game Minecraft has succeeded in gaining attention of game players worldwide, and hasn’t stopped since it first launched in 2009. Playing free Minecraft versions has never been so easier, as you can find websites offering you an opportunity to play the game directly from your browser. You can easily try Minecraft for free without any gimmicks or trickery, as mentioned in a previous article. It is a simple way to try the game and see what it’s all about before buying the full version from the official Minecraft website.

Minecraft is an excellent construction game where you can do virtually anything and the some, so it definitely offers you a great chance to explore your creativity and imagination. The game isn’t limited to just several modes, but offers a wide range of customization, including mods, maps, and more. Simply put, registering for a free account will only allow you to play the demo version, but finding a free version would let you access all of the game’s features. Furthermore, you can even play online, granted you are able to find the servers. It would undeniably be a great experience to build things you never thought were possible inside a game with cubical blocks. From computers to 3D printers, the options are limitless. For more casual players, building skyscrapers or simple buildings should suffice. The game is suitable for all ages, and is not just child’s play.

Registering for the free account at Mojang will also allow you to purchase a premium account, which will let you play on any Minecraft server online. Additionally, you will receive the latest updates without having ot download a new launcher everytime, as opposed to the free versions. If you disable Peaceful Mode, the game is a lot more interesting, as you will face great opponents such as zombies, spiders, creepers and skeleton. Although there is no blood or true violence, monsters popping up in your face in the dark could be especially frightening. The different modes of the game provide different experiences, and it’s entirely up to you to choose. It’s an amazing game to as it offers an innovative angle and a massively growing community.

Crysis 2 - Biggest Game Of 2011 In The UK

Brock Mon, 04/06/2015 - 15:56

After the issues surrounding the launch of the second installment of the Crysis franchise, it seems that despite having their title pirated early on, developer Crytek managed to get their stuff together and release the best selling EA title of 2011.

Analyst company Gfk Chart-Track revealed that the game ( which received very solid reviews from most gaming sites ), managed to secure the first position amongst EA releases this year. All the EA games were equal, but some were more equal than others seems to be the case, as Cryteks latest title managed to overtake such titles as Dead Space 2, Dragon Age II and Bulletstorm, to name the big titles out there.

The sales distribution features most of the percent skewing towards consoles rather than the PC market, as one would expect. Despite the developer releasing the first title as a PC exclusive it seems that even console owners are rejoicing at this great FPS title, which brings a huge number of gameplay improvements meant to push an otherwise stagnating genre a touch forward. To get some numbers down for the distribution of sales, 57 % goes to the Xbox 360, 29 % to the PlayStation 3 and 14 % to the PC market. Note that the company did not take digital sales into account, and we all know how great Steam has been doing recently in this aspect.

For those of you who might have missed out on the first title, I did enjoy it quite a lot, although it was a resource hog like no other back in those days, but it should run easily on a medium system these days. The second title does exactly what the first game did – push PC graphics just a touch further. Eurogamer did a great comparison of how the game looks on the different platforms, and although it might not seem like much of a difference, there’s obviously the affection Crytek has towards the PC minority.

My pro-tip : go to your nearest retailer, or head over to Steam and get your own copy as well. I know I have!

Video Game Publishers Battle it Out

Brock Wed, 03/25/2015 - 17:26

The multibillion dollar videogame industry is getting fiercely competitive these days (if it was not already). With the average age of a gamer touching 30 years, leading players in the industry are leaving no stone unturned to sell one more game to the videogame fanatics. In fact, there are companies based in the U.S. who are uniting companies based in China and vice versa to spread their games and to increase revenue. Perfect World and Activision Blizzard are a case in point.

Overseas Expansion
Activision wanted to break into China but realized they needed a guide or realized it would be a lot easier than trying to break barriers in China without a stable and knowledgeable partner. They found this partner in Perfect World, a Chinese computer game creator (highly successful at that). After some devastating Chinese government intrusions, Activision’s World of Warcraft has hit full throttle in China and has been a monumental success. This MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game has taken China by storm and this partnership between both these elite gaming companies has hit pay dirt.

Two Action Packed Games
With the holiday season fast approaching, Electronic Arts (EA) and Activision are battling it out openly in the market to promote their respective games. In this case, EA is betting heavily on Battle Field 3, whereas Activision is pushing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with all its might. Both the games have been major revenue generators for the respective companies and neither of these games seem to want to promote peace. They are action packed and exciting. The good thing about Activision is that it has a solid revenue streaming coming in from China which was just explained. That was an incredibly smart business move on their part and Perfect World has proven to be a winning partner.

Money and Video Games
As a matter of fact and furthermore, the Call of Duty series has been responsible for one-third of the sales for Activision in the last few years with record breaking first week sales. Till date, Activision has pocketed close to $4 billion from the Call of Duty series alone. EA is not admitting defeat by any means. They are not intimidated at all by Activision’s 11 million World of Warcraft subscribers who pay $15 a month to build their armies and fight their enemies. Apart from their amazing Battlefield series, FIFA and Cricket based games are cash cows for the company as well. However, none of the other games have been able to match the sales figures of the Battlefield series which does not say much because this series has been a complete winner by any stretch of the imagination.

Playing Minecraft for Free: Things to Do and Avoid

Brock Tue, 03/10/2015 - 19:25

Are you interested in playing Minecraft? There are thousands of people out there who are very much interested in playing the game. But before you search out Minecraft online and get started in playing it, it would be ideal for you to know and understand the different things you have to do as well as the different things you need to avoid when playing it. It’s a very good way to acquaint with the play and how the game works.

Different Things to Do

There are only some simple things you need to do when playing Minecraft for free ( and those may include the following things below:

  • Do find the best provider of Minecraft around the internet if you are planning to play it online because there could be a lot of them for you to choose from.
  • Do consider the different tips and advices that would be recommended to you while playing the game as it could help you in understanding it even more.
  • Do know the quality and the speed of your internet and determine if it will be enough to be used in playing the Minecraft.
  • Do visit the Minecraft wiki and other forums for you to easily more about it and help you in the different things you will do as you start playing the game especially as a beginner on this.

Different Things to Avoid

There are also a number of things for you to avoid when playing Minecraft. Those are the following below:

  • Avoid playing Minecraft from providers and sources which do not allows you to cross another platform, as that would totally limit the possible experience you will have.
  • Avoid playing Minecraft when you have a bad internet connection in the house as it would just make you stress and totally annoyed.

What is a Black Hole?

Brock Mon, 02/02/2015 - 03:25

After viewing the Stephen Hawkins movie "The Theory of Everything," I realized it was primarily about his hardships and romantic life. I was hoping to see more about his Black Hole research like Hawking Radiation, oh well.

A Black hole is a strange, invisible object in the depths of space, and from its gravitational influence nothing, not even light, can escape. Astronomers think that black holes are formed when certain stars come to the end of their lives. Stars radiate heat and light by converting hydrogen to helium. Both energy and mass are given out in this reaction and eventually the hydrogen is used up. The remaining matter in the star collapses in on itself under the influence of gravity. A star as heavy as our sun will usually form a white dwarf or a neutron star, but stars having more than three times the mass of the sun are thought to form black holes.

When a large star collapses, all the particles in it are attracted to each other and pulled toward a central point called a singularity. At this point, the star’s volume becomes zero and its mass becomes infinite. This singularity is the center of a black hole. It is encircled by what astronomers call an “event horizon”. An object attracted by gravity into a black hole would cross the “event horizon” and be lost forever, because in order to escape from a black hole, objects would have to be able to travel faster than light.

Astronomers have worked out the existence of black holes mathematically. Many believe that an X-ray source, Cygnus X-1, discovered in 1975, is a black hole. Cygnus X-1 is the invisible companion of a bright, hot star. Astronomers think that matter from this star is being pulled into the black hole and is giving off X-rays as it passes the “event horizon.”

Who is Uncle Sam?

Brock Fri, 01/09/2015 - 23:12

I think we are familiar with the slogan "Uncle Sam wants you!". Yeah, he wants your money alright. Uncle Sam is an imaginary person who represents the United States. The name was first used about 200 years ago as a joke. According to one story, a man named Samuel Wilson, who was usually called "Uncle Sam," was a government inspector of meat at Troy, New York, in 1812. A man named Elbert Anderson bought a large number of barrels of meat, which were marked with his initials, E.A., and also with the initials, U.S. (United States) to show that the meat had been inspected. One day one of the workmen asked what the initials stood for, and someone answered jokingly, "I don't know, unless they mean 'Uncle Sam'." This story may be true, but most stories of this kind tend to not be true.

The custom of picturing Uncle Sam as a tall, thin, gray bearded man with a tall hat and suit striped in red, white, and blue, grew out of a cartoon that showed a "Yankee peddler" in this costume. The cartoon appeared in 1829 in a newspaper, the Courier, in Portland, Maine, and that may have been the first time. Later a famous minstrel named Dan Rice wore this costume on the stage and it became very well known.

What is Hardcore Mode in Diablo III?

diablo 3 hardcore mode solo
Brock Fri, 08/22/2014 - 02:46

One of the modes in Diablo III that leaves players puzzled is the Hardcore mode. For a game that is reliant on being able to build up a character through regeneration it doesn’t make much sense to play in a mode where the character only gets to die once. But there is more to this level than just extreme gaming experience. There is a method to the madness of using Hardcore mode.

Just like in any other mode, you can select the character and role you want to play. You can also play Hardcore as a solo mode, or as a multi-player mode, but all players have to be in Hardcore more. Once you are in it, the character you have only has one life. It also doesn’t not have access to real money auctions. So you enter with your wits and play until you are killed once you are killed that is it.

Hardcore mode is considered to be one of the most challenging modes to play Diablo III in. While you can’t be resurrected, your character’s ghost remains in the game until you log off so you can still chat and interact with other players. Hardcore characters are generally designed by players for this mode only. The game supports a completely separate ranking system for Hardcore gamers as well. In many ways, it is the Thunderdome of the Diablo III world.

What Are the other Modes?

With the new expansion Reaper of Souls, Adventure mode is the common play standard. During this mode your player character can access auctions and regenerate through their complete life cycles. It is considered to be a more standard way of playing this RPG game and maintains the common ranking system. Rifts are open in both modes. However, the chances of solving a Rift in the Hardcore mode are even smaller than solving it in the Adventure mode. Rifts are designed to open up torrents in the game that allow for additional quests and items to be found. They are purposefully designed to be very difficult to complete and to open randomly. One of the things that makes a Rift so hard to complete is that while they randomly generate quests and rewards, they also randomly generate monsters. Rifts add an element of unpredictability to the gaming world. You do not have to follow a Rift if it opens.

Combat is the same in both modes, player to player and between players and NPC characters. In Hardcore mode you may want to be a great deal cautious about who you engage, and pick your teammates well as the outcome of the battle could take your character out permanently. This applies to randomly generated monsters in the Rifts as well. In all instances, the Hardcore character will not regenerate and there are no challenges to the death.

Remember the Diablo III Auction Houses

reaper of souls crusader
Brock Tue, 08/12/2014 - 17:09

One of the ways that you used to be able to acquire items and resources was through the game auction house in Diablo III. You could also trade certain items with another player or NPC directly by dropping the item in the trade screen and then clicking the okay button on it to claim the item. Gold could also be exchanged instead of items, or along with them. Some items like account bound items, were prohibited from trading in that way. Auction houses were started to make it easier for players to acquire items, and to monetize the game.

Real Money Versus Game Gold

There were two different auction houses that functioned in the Diablo III universe. The first allowed players to shop using gold pieces acquired in playing the game. You could find gold as a result of an adventure, or you could earn gold by completing certain quests. The gold based auction house charged a flat tariff fee of 15% of the price attached to the item. This encouraged you to adventure even more. The real money auction houses functioned in much the same way, only the tariff was set at about one unit of the currency you were purchasing in. Game play didn’t affect your resources, your wallet did. Players were fairly evenly split on whether or not they like being able to use real time money in the game for items and to get ahead.

The Problem in Korea

Who didn’t have a problem making up their mind about the use of real money auction houses was the Korean government. In order to release the game in Korea, the real money auction houses had to be shut down in the Korean versions or the game would be in violation of their on-line gambling prohibition. This started the company looking at other potential findings against them for using a real money auction house. They also polled the community to see what the general perception of the auction houses were. Surprisingly, by then most of the community was not in favor of any kind of auction house. Items, it was felt, should be the result of game play only – not purchased in any manner.

Deciding They Had to Go

While the company announced it was going to shut down the auction houses in March of 2013, it also admitted that it would be a very complicated process. Entire swaths of the game code would have to be adapted so that players who owned auction house items wouldn’t suddenly wake to find them missing from their inventory. Finally, in March of 2014, all auction houses were shut down with the release of the expansion, Reaper of Souls.

Shutting down the auction houses has had the surprising effect of improving the overall gameplay and community. Without a backup option, more players began to seek out quests to get items. There was also an uptick in team play. It seems like being able to buy things that made it look like you were skilled and experience also discouraged you from daring to play the game.

PlayStation Now Sucks as Is

playstation now beta
Brock Sat, 08/02/2014 - 15:18

Just like Microsoft's EA Access on the Xbox One, Sony's PlayStation Now is an online rental system for PlayStation 3 games. Players can play any of the games without having to download for a few bucks. The beta test rolled out this week and there are a few issues worthy of noting.

First, it is a little laggy, but that's fine. The bigger issue is that there is a wide spectrum of price ranges and some of them are insane. For example, it costs more to rent some of the games for a week than instead of just buying it! Sony gladly accepts constructive criticism as this is the beta, and they are listening to the customers apparently.

One suggestion by a user is allowing a discounted purchase of the game after renting it. This solves the problem of not having to pay more than the game costs if you decide to rent it more than a week. Also a cheaper rental price is in desperate need as well. Something like bringing $7 for four hours to $1. Another good way is to make this service subscription based like NetFlix. Why not charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited usage? Something like $30 would be good.

Also, why not add PS1, PS2, and PS4 titles to the service too? That would be amazing if I had access to the classic games as well as the latest ones. I don't think I'd get PlayStation Now because I already have PlayStation Plus, which already gives me free games and I don't have the time and money to rent out games too. It's simply not worth it to have both subsriptions simultaneously. You should choose one or the other if you're seriously considering investing a lot of time in playing.